English for you 2007 - 2013

Mr. Enrique Urdaneta, habitant of a sector called Santa Lucia, in Maracaibo, he Works as English teacher that attend and supports from his house children of the surrounding areas in their homeworks.

Since the first contact, his heath deterioration state and lack of immovable was observed, also in previous interviews he pointed out that he was worried because he was getting less students. That was how this project started.

A cleaning of the space is done, some repairing and painting also. The furniture is rearranged and text was put on the walls, cut in vinyl pointing out all the furniture and objects in English, also, a video is projected on-site in which extracts of the interview with Mr. Enrique, a video that later he translated to English.
During the event he was sitting at the entrance of his house, inviting people to enter his house and offer his services. (Talking in English). 

After the culmination of the project and the event, the professor in fact referred that the amount of students had increased considerably, but the most important thing of all was the attitude and energy he showed about his life and work.

In the video project Eglish for you 2, made under the event Velada de Santa Lucia 2013, a video was realized in which the labor of the professor was promoted as well as inviting the people to participate in his classes.
Enrique, sensitized in art creation, gave all his collaboration in the realization of the video and took part directly in the execution of the script and production. 

The projection was showed in his house, natural illumination and low budget. An homage to this character, icon of the neighborhood. English For You 2 Video